Thanks for the Love

For the past three weeks I’ve had the privilege to work with an amazing director, R.B. Schlather, in the second part of Handel’s Orlando’s Furioso operas “Oralndo” at the White Box Art Center in SoHo, New York. The cast for Handel’s opera consisted of Drew Minter (Orlando), Kiera Duffy (Angelica), Anya Matanovic (Dorinda), Hadleigh Adams (Zorastro) and myself (Medoro).


Every aspect of this project was meant to be seen by the public eye; for free! Everything from the tedious read throughs to the actual Wandelprob was public, even the live-stream. I have to admit, I was scared out of my mind for the first week!

The pressures of always being “on” jarred me a little. People were constantly coming in to listen, watch, and partake in this art installation, even Yoko Ono! I was worried that I wouldn’t be well suited for this task, but a friend of mine gently asked me after rehearsal, “Why do you sing”? I was floored by the question because it was so simple but spoke volumes! “Because I love it and I love to share it”.

After that revelation each wave of new audience became a new source of energy to draw in, which was a little difficult. One never knows what type of vibe you’ll get walking off the streets of NYC and into your rehearsal space, but it was fun!

Thank you to all the viewers, contributors, and supporters! I will cherish this production forever.

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